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Welcome back!

Building Update
The children have settled happily into their new classrooms. 
The new playground space is almost complete and is looking wonderful. We will still have builders on site during the Autumn term while the new Dance Hall is being constructed.

Website Calendar
You will notice that the Calendar on the website is now a Google Calendar which means that it is downloadable to your mobile devices, enabling you to refer to it wherever you are.

Take a look at the new Photo Albums that have been uploaded on the Gallery Page

Download the September 2014  Newsletter here.

Welcome to our website.

These are the nine values that represent our school's Christian ethos. They were chosen by the children and we reflect on them during the year.

'Faith is when you trust in someone or something with all your heart, no matter what.'

'Hope means to believe in yourself when you need to try again.'

'Love is helping each other and not always thinking about yourself.'