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We expect the Year 6 children to arrive back at 4.15pm. We will update you when we receive any further news. Many thanks.

Safeguarding Statement

'This school takes notice of and adheres to all national and local policies and guidance in regard to Safeguarding Children and Young People.

Year 6 School Journey 2016

Year 6 had a windy crossing over to the Isle of Wight and they enjoyed standing out on deck on the ferry. The weather cleared up in the afternoon and the children had a lovely time at Osborne House. They have arrived at the hotel and are unpacking their cases before having a tour of the hotel grounds. All is well and they hope to possibly go down to the beach this evening.

Everyone settled to down sleep and they had a quiet night. Up early and had a walk to the beach. They have now set off to visit Alum Bay. The weather is fine and all is well.

The children had a good night, they were tired and slept well, as did the staff! After a good breakfast they have set off for Robin Hill. Rain is forecast but hopefully it will not be too heavy or persistent! Year 6 parents, do look at the photos and comments on the Isle of Wight blog. The children have had a great day at Robin Hill with glorious weather!

The children enjoyed the disco last night and all went well. They had a storm overnight but it did not last long. They have set off for Carisbrooke Castle and  are looking forward their visit. The weather held out until the coach journey home. Packing tonight!

They have managed to book onto a later ferry, which means that they are leaving the hotel at a later time and will not have quite such an early start. Once back on the mainland, the children will be visiting the D-Day Museum in Portsmouth before the journey home. The estimated arrival time at school is 3.45pm although this is dependent on the traffic. We will keep you posted if this changes.

'This school takes notice of and adheres to all national and local policies and guidance in regard to Safeguarding Children and Young People.

Please see attached email from Carshalton Central Ward regarding helping parents keeping children safe online.

From September 2016 there will be afternoon spaces available in the Nursery.  Please contact the school office for further information. 

Website Calendar
You will notice that the Calendar on the website is now a Google Calendar which means that it is downloadable to your mobile devices, enabling you to refer to it wherever you are.Link to Carshalton All Saints Church Website

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Welcome to our website.

These are the nine values that represent our school's Christian ethos. They were chosen by the children and we reflect on them during the year.

'Faith is when you trust in someone or something with all your heart, no matter what.'

'Hope means to believe in yourself when you need to try again.'

'Love is helping each other and not always thinking about yourself.'